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New Mexico May 1 Controlled Substance Inventory

May 1 Annual Inventory All New Mexico Controlled Substance Registrants are required to conduct an annual inventory of all controlled substances on May 1. This includes doctors, veterinarians and dentists. Now is the time to prepare so your May 1 inventory is a breeze! Organize your Controlled Substances and Records Keep controlled substances separate from […]

Memorial Day

Established to honor the men and women who have lost their lives in service of our country, Memorial Day is a time to reflect and say thank you for the sacrifices that have enabled the freedoms and opportunities this great nation provides. This year, the reflections of those sacrifices, and the freedoms and opportunities, have […]

DEA Form 222s may be Emailed or Faxed…Temporarily

DEA Exception for CI-II Order Forms The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has granted an exception to 21 CFR 1305.13 which requires the original paper DEA Form 222 to be sent your supplier. As you know, the DEA regulations require the supplier of schedule I-II controlled substances receive the physical DEA Form 222 before they are […]

Arizona May 1 Inventory – Emergency Statutes

AZ Emergency Statutes Every year on May 1st, Arizona pharmacies are required to complete an inventory of all controlled substances on hand. The Arizona State Board of Pharmacy (ASBP) has offered an alternate annual inventory day of September 1st to help alleviate the additional strain of conducting an inventory. Arizona pharmacies may also submit a […]

May 1st is Coming Fast for Arizona

It’s that time again to conduct State Board of Pharmacy Required Annual Inventory here in Arizona. We’re ready to take all your excess material so you don’t have it on May 1st. As Arizona’s only DEA Reverse Distributor, we offer pickup service and are eager to help you get your inventory in great shape! If […]

Is Coronavirus waste special?

Q: Should medical waste or general waste from healthcare facilities treating PUIs and patients with confirmed COVID-19 be handled any differently or need any additional disinfection? A: Medical waste (trash) coming from healthcare facilities treating COVID-2019 patients is no different than waste coming from facilities without COVID-19 patients. CDC’s guidance states that management of laundry, […]

Our message to you on COVID-19

As we learn more about COVID-19 and its impact continues to evolve and develop, we remain focused on the health and safety of our team members, clients, and our communities. We understand that some of our clients may experience additional burdens and even hardships as a result of COVID-19. We are committed to supporting you, […]

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