When Good Meds Go Bad

DEA Registered Reverse Distributor

At 123 Compliant Logistics, we understand that Reverse Distribution can seem complex.  With our decades of experience and focus on providing personal service, we make it easy for you! Place an order, call, or chat with us to learn how we can help you with your pharmaceutical disposal or logistics.
Compliance. As easy as 1-2-3.

Meeting your needs for pharmaceutical compliance & assured destruction

We have streamlined the complexity of reverse distribution down to three easy steps – inventory, ship, and transfer.

With decades of reverse distribution experience, our team understands that world-class customer service is the missing ingredient.  Our specialists are available throughout the entire reverse distribution process and beyond.  From help with inventory, to compliance questions, to assistance during a regulatory inspection – we are always happy to help.  We utilize industry best practices to ensure top-tier compliance for our customers – not just our own.   Our exclusive streamlined process and documentation allows you to focus on your core business.

What happens after we receive our pharmaceuticals?

Our inventory specialists confirm the contents of each shipment and generate your DEA-required compliance reports.  123 Compliant Logistics then consolidates materials from many sources, then manage the complexities of the waste industry ensuring complaint handling and ultimate destruction.

Moving your materials with the right approvals and permits

Every day we help companies meet their business objectives by coordinating and managing logistics services. Utilizing our network of providers to bring a competitive advantage to our customers, we offer transportation, recycling, and waste disposal management nationally.

Collaborating with you is key

Our team listens and collaborates with you to ensure material is handled in a timely and effective manner according to its profile. We understand that recycling and destruction management, while important, are only a small part of your company objectives.  We make it happen for you in a collaborative way.

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