Large Quantity Transfer

Large quantity transfer services enable your company to focus on core business and eliminates the need for you to manage waste.   This makes your work as easy as 1-2-3, Pick, Pack and Ship.

Our Transfer Service for Pharmaceutical Destruction is perfect for your expired, damaged and unused pharmaceuticals.  No matter if they are controlled or non-controlled. No contracts required and never any hidden fees.

This is a strategic advantage used by manufacturers, distributors, reverse distributors, and other DEA Registrants to reliably step away from the waste management side of the business.  This also eliminates your witness cost and management complexities.

Material transferred to us via common carrier is then processed at our facility.  We provide a Record of Transfer which concludes your involvement the process. The Record of Transfer eliminates the need for you to create, manage and maintain DEA Form 41.  Once the transfer is complete, we take it from there.

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AZ Route Services

Route pick-up service is for qualified customers located in Arizona processing of controlled and non-controlled pharmaceuticals on a regular interval around the valley.

Route service is scheduled monthly.  Special pick-ups are available.  To request a special pick-up please email us.

Get on the Schedule

  • We review inventory
  • Your location is added to the Route
  • Containers are checked in
  • The weight is recorded
  • Controlled substances are segregated
  • Records of pick-up are provided

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