Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) Exclusive

30% discount on disposal of your expired and unused  pharmaceutical inventory

Offer Code: AzDA200701

March 1st feels like a long time ago, but that’s when you conducted your annual inventory of Controlled Pharmaceuticals.

COVID-19 has disrupted your normal consumption of pharmaceuticals. It’s time to check the rest of your inventory for short dated and expired stock and clear out the expired, damaged and unused.

We’re Arizona’s only DEA Registered Reverse Distributor. Our Simple Rate Program helps you meet the requirements of 4 A.A.C. 11, Article 14, R4-11-1403 and the ease will delight your staff.

COVID-19 is a budget buster.  Simple Rate Box options start at $99 with no hidden fees. You can take an additional AzDA discount of 30%.  This is the best way to keep your stock free of unwanted pharmaceuticals in a compliant and budget friendly way.   There is a limited time to this offer and ends Sept 30, 2020.  Cannot be combined with other offers or subscription services.

We’re happy to help fellow Arizonan’s through these trying times.

To get started today chat on-line, email or set up an account.  There is no cost to set up an account or to have us review your inventory.

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