New Mexico May 1 Controlled Substance Inventory

May 1 Annual Inventory

All New Mexico Controlled Substance Registrants are required to conduct an annual inventory of all controlled substances on May 1. This includes doctors, veterinarians and dentists. Now is the time to prepare so your May 1 inventory is a breeze!

Organize your Controlled Substances and Records

  • Keep controlled substances separate from other drugs
  • Group controlled substances by their NDC (National Drug Code)
  • Organize controlled substance logs, purchase invoices, and destruction records

Reduce Inventory Stockpiling

  • Remove expired and short-dated controlled substances
  • Remove controlled substances you know you will not use
  • Don’t order in bulk if you know you won’t use it all before expiration

Send Expired and Unused Controlled Substances for Destruction

  • Only send controlled substances to a DEA registered Reverse Distributor
  • Ensure you receive a DEA Form 222 for all CIIs BEFORE you ship
  • Ensure the destruction company receives the shipment prior to the inventory date **Controlled Substances remain on your inventory while in transit**

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