Arizona May 1 Inventory – Emergency Statutes

AZ Emergency Statutes

Every year on May 1st, Arizona pharmacies are required to complete an inventory of all controlled substances on hand. The Arizona State Board of Pharmacy (ASBP) has offered an alternate annual inventory day of September 1st to help alleviate the additional strain of conducting an inventory. Arizona pharmacies may also submit a request to their ASBP Compliance Officer for an alternate day of their choosing. ASBP has published this and other emergency statutes and rules here and will continue to update this document regularly.

Why Annual Inventory is Important

With the insurmountable stress the COVID-19 pandemic has put on the healthcare industry, ensuring continued operation of pharmacies is more important than ever. An annual inventory is essential during this demanding time. It’s mandate has been put in place to prevent diversion and ensure adequate, uninterrupted supply of pharmaceuticals to the communities we serve.

We Can Help

Destruction of your expired, short-dated, and damaged pharmaceuticals before your annual inventory will keep your work load to a minimum. 123 Compliant Logistics is Arizona’s only DEA registered Reverse Distributor. We have programs for large and small quantities. We also offer pick-up service for qualified customers.

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