DEA Form 222s may be Emailed or Faxed…Temporarily

DEA Exception for CI-II Order Forms

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has granted an exception to 21 CFR 1305.13 which requires the original paper DEA Form 222 to be sent your supplier. As you know, the DEA regulations require the supplier of schedule I-II controlled substances receive the physical DEA Form 222 before they are able to ship your order. Due to the public health emergency declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (Secretary of HHS), the DEA granted an exception of this requirement to ensure adequate supply of schedule I-II controlled substances during this public health emergency.

The Details

The exception allows all DEA Registrants who order schedule I-II controlled substances with paper order forms to fax or scan/email a DEA Form 222 to their supplier. When the supplier receives the faxed or emailed DEA Form 222, they shall treat it as the original and complete their respective fields as they would on the original. This exception will remain in place through the duration of the public health emergency.

Once the Secretary of HHS has ended the state of emergency, the original DEA Form 222 must be sent to the supplier. The supplier is required to attach the original with the faxed or emailed copy and maintain with their usual CI-II records. 123 Compliant Logistics also recommends keeping a copy of the DEA Exception Letter with your faxed or emailed DEA Form 222. A copy of the official DEA Exception Letter can be found here.

Preventing Errors

Because of the overwhelming fast pace essential workers have had to maintain, it’s important to regularly remove expired or damaged pharmaceuticals from stock shelves to prevent unnecessary errors.

Accelerating the Process

This DEA exception allows 123 Compliant Logistics to quickly issue a DEA Form 222 and authorize shipment of CII, CIII-V and non-controlled pharmaceuticals – all in one email or fax. We have easy-to-use, no contract destruction options for large and small quantities.

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