Do I need a DEA Form 41?

No, you do not need a DEA Form 41 when you destroy your controlled substances with 123 Compliant Logistics. A DEA Form 41 is only needed when you witness the destruction yourself. When you ship your pharmaceuticals to a DEA Reverse Distributor, you are actually transferring your controlled substances (for the purpose of destruction.) 123 Compliant Logistics will provide you a Record of Transfer for your CII-V substances plus a DEA Form 222. These documents fulfill your recordkeeping requirements.

I live in Arizona. Can I drop off my box at the 123 Compliant Logistics facility?

Due to DEA Regulations, drop off at our facility is not an option. Shipping labels will be provided for all Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. Some Arizona customers may be eligible for 123 Compliant Logistics pickup. All other shipments must arrive by common carrier.

How do I get a shipping label?

Send us your completed inventory forms via email or fax and let us know what size Priority Mail Flat Rate Box you are using (small, medium or large). Shipping labels can be sent to you via email or fax. If you have CIIs, you must receive your DEA Form 222 in the mail before a shipping label can be issued.

Do I need to include any paperwork in the box?

Please include copies of all inventory forms and a copy of the DEA Form 222. These copies act as a packing slip should anything happen in the shipping process (such as a shipping label being destroyed). All originals should be kept for your records.

Can I send more/less than what is listed on the Inventory Form/DEA Form 222?

Any change in the pharmaceuticals being sent must be submitted for approval in writing to 123 Compliant Logistics (via email or fax) with updated inventory forms. For CIIs, any amount less than what is listed on the DEA Form 222 may be indicated on the “packages shipped” field on the right side of the form. For any amount more than is listed on a DEA Form 222, a new DEA Form 222 must be issued.

How do I set up an account?

Contact 123 Compliant Logistics by email ([email protected]), fax (480.659.2353) or online chat (found at to request a Customer Registration Form. Return the completed form with your DEA Registration and State License or Permit via email or fax. Our team will email you once your licenses have been verified and your account is active.

Where do I get the USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes?

Upon setup of your account, a variety pack of the Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes will be ordered from the US Postal Service (USPS). Arrival may take up to 10 business days though it’s usually much quicker. The variety pack contains all sizes of the boxes (small, medium, large) so you have every size to choose from. If you know you will only need a certain size, contact 123 Compliant Logistics and we can certainly order your specified size. If you need boxes sooner, The Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes are available free-of-charge in the lobby of any US Post Office or approved postal provider.

What is an NDC and where do I find it?

NDC stands for “National Drug Code”. Every manufactured pharmaceutical approved by the FDA will have a National Drug Code. This is a 10 or 11 digit number which is divided into 3 sections (55555-4444-22) and is specific to the drug manufacturer, drug, strength and package size. This number is usually found on the label of the drug. In compounded pharmaceuticals, the NDC of the raw chemical used to create the compound should be used. Some pharmaceuticals do not display their NDC. If you are unable to find the NDC, 123 Compliant Logistics can look up the NDC for you or assign a “generic” or pseudo NDC to your pharmaceutical.

How do I know the DEA schedule of a pharmaceutical?

Manufactured controlled substances are now required to display their DEA schedule on the label. The label should have the letter “C” and a roman numeral (I, II, III, IV, V). If the pharmaceutical is non-controlled but still requires a prescription, the bottle will simply say “Rx Only”. 123 Compliant Logistics can also help in finding the DEA schedule of a particular pharmaceutical.

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